March 27, 2013

Visceral apps

© Michael Faber

This is something new. I never thought about apps that way. Visceral apps.
It has the build up and release of pressure, the interplay between potential and kinetic energy and wanton destruction.
Do you know what app is about? Angry Birds.
Man, if that isn't just a visceral app at its finest. It’s got build-up and release. It’s got destruction. It’s got the kinetic and the potential.
Did you guessed it? Me neither, is Clear. I'm not sure I feel it in my guts. You can read the whole story at the Mysterious Trousers.

October 08, 2012

Nice quote

Keep calm and don't forget to be awesome!
Don't know who remixed the original quote but he or she must be a genius.

October 03, 2012

Minimum minimorum

So you create a new class, doesn't matter the language.
What are the things you always forget to add? The things that make you change profession?

There is no toString() method, so you never know what is the bloody state of the damn object.

There is no clone() method, so you always have this ridiculous strange behavior that blows your mind.

There is no equals() method, so you never know if that the object you need or not.

So sad.